Accidently deleted Sound Max; Audacity won't record. Help.

I accidentally deleted Sound Max on my computer (Optiplex 780 with Windows 7). Now Audacity won’t record anything with my microphone, and also the computer’s sound recorder won’t record anything. Audacity will still play already recorded music though. I now have 2 options in the drop down box In Audacity on the top right hand side where a little mic. is pictured, (1) Line In High Definition Audio (2)Microsoft Sound manager-Input. Prior to me deleting Sound Max it used to also have Sound Max listed, and that’s what I was normally using. Neither #1 or #2 seem to enable me to record.

I’ve done some internet searching, and there seems to be hundreds of different versions or adaptations of Sound Max, and it’s 100% impossible for me to choose how to replace it with a new Sound Max. I’m pretty much a computer dummy. I tried 3 times from different sites, and the download procedure led me to all sorts of offers, products, lots of things I didn’t want or need … everything EXCEPT a simple replacement for the Sound Max I deleted. I also tried to find the “official” Sound Max website, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

I just want to go to a “legitimate/trusted” site, find “Sound Max”, click “download” and have it actually download Sound Max … that’s all I need (minus all the other offers, viruses, deals of the century, schemes to get my $$$$$ etc.).


Did you do that by accidentally uninstalling the sound device in Device Manager, or is the problem that you have lost the “Sound Max” entry in Audacity and you don’t know why?

What does Sound Max do? Is it what you use for recording computer playback or an external mic?

If you have a branded computer you always want to go to the web site of the computer manufacturer to look for drivers. So go here, choose whether you have Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit, then download and install the audio drivers. Then reboot your computer.

Also I would do an anti-virus check to be on the safe side after visiting questionable sites.