Accidentally recorded priceless interview in "mono" (echoes)

I recorded a priceless interview with my grandpa with my wireless bluetooth mic accidentally on “mono”. This caused sort of an echo affect, and I really really need to fix it. Please someone come through for me and help me out. I can get you the raw audio file in dropbox or something if you think you can work this out for me! It would just mean the world…

Sample of the problem:

It sounds like you just recorded the camcorder microphone rather than the special microphone. That one will have picked up the room echo in addition to the performance. There may also be overload and clipping clicks in there in addition to the echo (which I don’t think is that bad). I think the crunchy sound is more of a problem than the echo.


You can try the Noise removal tool to get rid of the minor echoes and the white noise.
Select all the audio and start the plug-in; “get Profile”.
Start the Noise Removal again and make your settings.
Important choose a low sensitivity level (-15 to -30).
You must adjust the frequency smoothing according to the reduction setting, i.e. if you reduce by 30 dB, the smoothing may well need to be at 500.
There are some echoes which have a high level which you can’t remove in this fashion (i.e. sensit. at -4) because the whole recording will be affected.
You could also re-record the interview by playing it through a application that uses echo cancelling or de-reverberation.
Specialized plug-ins are rare and expensive but there might be some that have a trial period.

It does sound like you were simultaneously recording from two microphones with a delay between them ,
(either due to physical separation of the mics and/or a digital delay), producing an echo.

IMO this echo is not fixable : there’s nothing to differentiate voice from echo to allow them to be separated.

Like Koz says it’s not that bad : the speech is comprehensible.