Accidentally recorded over a voice recording

Is there any way to separate two files that were accidentally recorded over each other?

How exactly did you “record over” another recording? (step-by-step, what did you do?)

I audio recorded an interview and without saving it, I then recorded a new interview over it. When I saved the second project/interview, it saved over the first one. When I play back I can hear both interviews/recordings simutaneously.

Did you “Save” the Audacity project, or “Export” an audio file?

If you Saved the project, or if the Audacity project is still open, then you should see two separate tracks in Audacity, one above the other. You can Export each track separately by selecting one track (double click on the waveform) then “File menu > Export Selection”. Repeat for the other track.

If you only “Exported” (for example as a WAV or MP3 file) then the two recordings are irreversibly mixed together and cannot be “un-mixed”.

I made the same mistake, but I did export and save the first voice recording, actually an administrative hearing, then exported and saved the second one, recording over the first, so that the .wav file for the second hearing includes both. I need a “clean” copy of the second hearing and am trying to delete the first one.

Is there an editing technique I can use similar to what you would do to remove vocals or instrumentals from music tracks or reduce noise since I have the first recording which is identical to what I need removed from the second? They are synced as-is. I tried inverting the unwanted part to basically subtract it, but it did not work. Thanks for any ideas.

If you did save the second project as an AUP file, reopen the AUP file and close the unwanted track.

You need an exact, perfectly-synchronised copy of the first hearing to subtract it from the combined first and second hearing.