Accidentally erased recording while adding labels [SOLVED]

I have Audacity version 2.4.2. After recording a cassette of old home recordings on my Mac (11.5.2), I was in the process of adding labels to various tracks. I must have bumped a key by accident that ended up erasing everything after the line I had just clicked to use as the spot for my next label. There appears to be no obvious way to undo the action. Can I get the erased audio back easily, without having to re-record the whole tape (the accidentally erased portion is the large majority of the total recording)?


If the project is still open, use “Command + Z” or “Edit menu > Undo”.
If the project has been closed, then unfortunately it is not possible to undo.

Thanks Steve. I clicked a few “Undo” options (must have gotten sloppy with my fingers) and was able to recover the audio!

Hooray :smiley:

I’ll close this topic as “solved”.