Accessing more than approx 1 Gb

I have a program written as a Nyquist plugin for Audacity.
It works well on short inputs ~ but runs into trouble on long songs.
I get the message that I can change a “System variable” to allow Nyquist to access more memory.
I have added additional memory to my computer, but still I can only use about 1 GB of my more that 20GB of available Mem.
The switch that is detailed in the “Out of Memory error message” is not recognized by Nyquist.

  1. So How do I go about changing the settings on Nyquist to allow it to use more of my idle memory?
  2. Just how much memory can I use with the Nyquist program
  3. If I use the scratch feature, does it compete with the normal Nyquist Memory
    A) If so can I use a very large array in scratch to keep stuff there while in a single Nyquist Application?
    B) If I use a list in scratch ~ can its individual elements include sounds, strings, scalar variables, and arrays?

The maximum memory allocated for audio samples (excluding wavetable data) is about 1 GB by default. It is possible to increase this, up to a maximum of around 2 GB, but with well written code this should not normally be necessary.
Nyquist is basically a 32-bit app, so it can’t access signed addresses beyond 1000 0000 0000 0000.

If you really need to store a lot of data, it would probably be better to store it to disk.

What’s the actual error message that you are seeing?