accessing audacity and word processing feature same screen

Apology for poorly worded subject. What I am doing is typing my audio dialog in office writer and attempting to record while viewing proposed dialog in writer.
I know there is a way, but its not working as it did from windows. Please advise and thanks

Are you able to record with Audacity when office writer is not running?

Yes I am able to record.Before in windows both were in sync. I could look at the office writer
record a audio file and then save it to PP slide in question.

I don’t understand what you mean by an audio program being “in sync” with a word processor.

What is it that is not working, or what do you need help doing?

Simply stated I create the proposed dialog in writer typed out ready to read.
Then I access Audacity. I need both writer and audacity on screen at same time
so that when I click on record and speak into my Samson the writer dialog is there to read from.
Hope I made it clear

Why does that not work? What happens or does not happen?