Access denied


What happened?

Since Friday 02/07 I was unable to be connected to the forum: Access Denied by Clouflare.

At first I thought that the Audacity site was under maintenance, but my subsequent attempts were in vain, until today around 3 p.m. (local time), where suddenly by clicking on an old connection in my browsing history, it worked.
I had tried other browsers (Firefox - Chrome), deleted all cookies, checked my browsing coordinates (IPv4 - IPv6 etc. ), restarted the computer, tried to connect via iPad and iPhone, without success.

My question was: how to contact someone in the team to report the problem, when all connection to the Audacity site was blocked.


Cloudfare had big issues with the servers that it uses - we had trouble accessing our sites that use Cloiudfare - all seems to be fixed now.


Thank you for the prompt reply, WC.

It was a nightmare… :mrgreen:


I am not able to perform a login. my email is: [redacted by admin] username: combatcarl I received the email, and followed through. Thank you!

You must be logged in because it is not possible to post to this forum unless you are logged in.

Thank you. Obviously a newbie!