Accelerating tempo increase

I just discovered a way to use Audacity to help me sharpen a guitar arpeggio which I (a greenhorn) find difficult to render with consistency. I keep increasing the tempo by 5% intervals. Playing at a higher tempo shows up exactly the stumbling-points as it were. When I clear up what shows at 105% I inch it up to 110% to find new points of weakness. Finally I run into the breakup wall (in this case 125%) where my picking starts to really fall apart. It works wonders, I would love a way to set a dynamic tempo ‘schedule’ like +x% per minute. This could be a sub-mode in the Increase-Tempo dialogue.

Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” can gradually increase tempo.

Thank you, it’s what I need, I’ve already adapted it. I had seen the item before but somehow always thought it was only about pitch so I went past it. What I do is paste four or more copies of the practice piece one behind the other and then schedule the tempo change over the lot. That divides it up nicely and makes the change almost imperceptible. Great stuff.