Accelerating a multi-click process

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Hi guys. Not sure how well-known this idea is. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:laughing: Click, drag to, drop, place track. :laughing:

:cry: Were this implemented, my concern wud be lagging out audacity with moving bulk track sizes already ripe with effect stacks etc.
:slight_smile: So, I’d use an image holographic flash of the click-to-drop track, and only when the track is dropped, use the current operation of track-up/down/top/bottom at the appropriate placement; yeah, only after the track is dropped. :bulb:
Lil grapples.png

How does your suggestion differ from dragging tracks in the current version of Audacity?

:blush: Oops
:smiley: Very good to know

Maybe something like this, too?
Move updown.png

I think that the new development team want to reduce the number of buttons in the main interface rather than adding new ones.
However, in addition to dragging tracks, there are also commands in the track’s drop down menu. See: