Absoluts beginner - non-musical help.

Hello, and thanks in advance for any reply, whether helpful or of the other flavour!

I have a race prepared AC Cobra being tuned in an adjacent building

Lovely sound, but. I can hear an odd noise from one cylinder bank (V8 for non petrol sniffers).

Now I don’t want to worry the chap, so I thought:-

  1. Record total noise from both exhausts.

  2. Use Audacity, for I am told that it is a product of the highest order, to:-

a. Analyse the frequency at which the exhaust valves are opening (4x rpm) and try to pick out an anomaly attached to every eighth pulse.

b. Repeat, but with one spark plug disconnected which will then let me see which valve is the odd-sounding one.

Sounds simple enough to me!

But I well rber the day nearly twenty years ago that I opened AutoCad, and gulped. @How do I draw a line?'. It took a week to get the basics, with a book, and I do a lot of what it can do in my sleep. It earns me money.

I had that same feeling when I opened Audacity this evening.

Difference is, it won’t ever earn me as much as a pint, so I don’t want to learn it all.

Just tell me in plain speak!



ps V2.4

As in another very recent post, Audacity is a general audio production program, so yes, staring at it the first time can be a little scary.

How are you planning to get the sound of the exhaust into the computer? Audacity can be dark gray magic, but microphones can be seriously black.


Koz, thanks for not biting my head off!

I was hoping that the easiest route might work…

Sound recorder app on an android thing, transfer to win pc. Press button etc?