About the mouse scroll problem #6342 "Scrolling the waveform with the horizontal scrollbar continues

Regarding #6342 “Scrolling the waveform with the horizontal scrollbar continues after the left mouse button is released”, two details.

  1. The same problem occurs with the vertical scrollbar
  2. After clicking once in either the horizontal or vertical scrollbar, the mouse is temporarily disabled. The next mouse click you make, anywhere in the window, will not have any effect at all. Then, when you click again, the mouse is once again working.

This scrolling defect is mildly infuriating as follows:
a. I am doing some fine editing somewhere in the middle of a long piece of music. I have zoomed in and carefully located the right spot.
b. After making a change, I need to see the next three seconds of music to the right of where I am working
c. I try to scroll accordingly
d. Instead the scrolling goes fast and out of control, probably all the way to the end of the project before I catch it. “Where the heck was I? around three minutes and 17 seconds? It’ll take me a while to get back to it, especially since the scroll bar is jumpy”