about editing 6 Channel WAV

I posted this in a different section of the boards, but thought I would post it here as well in case anyone could help.

First of all, I would really like to thank Audacity in general for providing one of the only programs that can edit a 6 channel WAV…was looking for one to edit a 6 channel AC3, but never found one, but Audacity has done a great job so far. Here is my question however.

I am wondering if there is a way to paste a segment of one separately recorded WAV into one of the channels of the 6 channel WAV without Audacity making that track length any longer. For example: I have my 6 channel WAV and I want to paste a portion of a separately recorded dialogue track into the dialogue track of the 6 channel, but when I do this, it essentially just puts it into the track and pushes the rest of the track extending the time. Is there any way to just select the silent part of the 1 channel of the 6 channel track and paste the audio into that silent segment without shifting the rest of the track??? If anyone understands this or can offer any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. If I need to explain more, just let me know. And THANKS ALOT to anyone who helps me out here.


Don’t paste it.

Leave that new clip in it’s own track, and use the Time Shift Tool* to move the new track into place.

Then when you export, make sure you send both the original track and the new track to whatever channel you need it to be on. When you do this, the length will be identical (provided the new track doesn’t extend past the older tracks).

  • The Time Shift Tool looks like two arrows pointing left and right with a line between them, in the top left corner of Audacity’s main screen.

OK, that makes sense, however on that track that I am using time shift, there are multiple points of dialogue that don’t fit properly into the dialogue track that I am trying to match it with. So then, If I time shift one portion to fit, the rest doesn’t fit. So if this is the case, is there a way to time shift just a segment of that dialogue? or will I have to cut it to its own track every time I need to place a piece of speaking. I can describe the project I am working on if it helps anyone. I am an artist, and I have ripped the 5.1 audio off of a dvd. Now I am trying to replace one actor’s dialogue with my own speaking. If this helps, or if anyone has any ideas on how to speed up the process by which I am doing this, feel free to provide input, and thanks alot.


You’ll have to cut each line of dialogue into it’s own clip. Audacity 1.3.3 allows you to Split tracks into segments that can be shifted independently.

It’ll take awhile, but split each line of dialogue off from the rest of the track by highlighting what you want and pressing [ctrl]+i, then go through the track and delete each piece of silence between the lines that don’t line up by double clicking the silence and pressing [delete]. Now you can shift each piece of dialogue independently and still be able to use the gain control slider to affect each clip in the same way.