Ability to "Save" Pan Settings in a Stereo Track

When I playback a stereo track, I discover it sounds sooooooo much better if I pan Right by 20%. However, that pan setting does NOT save to .wav. How can I “save the pan setting” to a wave file?

that pan setting does NOT save to .wav.

It does when I do it.

Audacity doesn’t Save WAV files. You have to File > Export to get one. Is that what happened? You Saved a sound file instead of Export?


Correct… “Export” to .wav. I tried it with extreme panning… and it worked! My pan exported was not “extreme”, and I actually couldn’t hear the difference. With a test “extreme” pan, I could hear that it worked! Some of the “presence” disappears, but not a bad tradeoff. Any idea at retaining the left channel “presence” even after panning?

Perhaps compromise and don’t pan it so far.


Windows can add a playback audio-enhancement which introduces crossover between left & right.
That would prevent you hearing any extreme panning.
You can check whether Windows is applying an enhancement here … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxnUjiGgBaI