AB microphones and convertion to Stereo


Suppose I have two microphones and want to record them but A is the mono source and B the difference to Stereo (say L=A+B and R=A-B).

Can I do it in Audacity?

Thank you

You can make mid-side recordings in Audacity,
but to provide your audience with a standard stereo recording
you’ll need a plugin that converts mid - side , to left-right , e.g. …

IIRC the “channel-mixer.ny” plugin can decode mid-side into R & L …

It’s “simple” and it can be done with a combination of mixing and inverting …

Going from regular L/R stereo to M/S is easy.

Mix left & right and you have L+R (“mid”).

Invert the right channel and mix and you get L-R (“side”).

If you’re not going to leave it in floating point, you’ll have to reduce the levels by -6dB (50%) to prevent clipping when mixing.

Then if I’ve got the algebra right…

M+S gets the left channel back. (L+R) + (L-R) = 2L

And M-S gets the right channel back. (L+R) - (L-R) = 2R

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