Aannot record computer's sound

Just Installed version 2.0.0. Using Windows XP. Have had previous versions. Have encountered intermittent problem in the past… and tried all possible changes/options. Has seemed to solve itself in the past. Right now it seems permanent. I can record from mic input. Cannot record any track from my hard disc which speakers are playing. Have used Audacity for years. Know enough to select StereoMix" as input. Red “Record” button just does not make anything happen. Microphone records normally when plugged in and is selected as input.The same problem exists if I load version 1.3 (Beta) which I also have installed. Please please help… it is a mystery to me. What can I try?

Recording yourself is a tricky dance between the operating system, the sound card and the driver software. We wrote a wiki on the common ways to get this to work, but some computers (increasingly common) just leave it out.


In windows, you may need to add software for internet or self-capture like Total Recorder.


Thanks, I’ll read the wiki…But… with the same computer and identical set up, it has worked very many times in the past. Apuzzle…?!

I’ve read the wiki. But can’t believe the answer is add software or some such… the same computer, same drivers, sound card etc have worked faultlessly with Audacity for years. It just does not work now. (except recording from a mike of plugged-in input). I’m thinking of getting a cable to feed the headphone output direct back to the mike input.