Hello to all!
I want to know, how I can deactivate the Auto Mastering. If anybody can help me…please do it!

Thank you

What do you mean by ‘Auto Mastering’?

i tried to record the stereo mix of my soundcard, but if the signal is too low audacity make it even more quiet… I thought this has do with the Auto-mastering…with AM I mean the function that audacity make the input signal more quiet if it is too loud… I haven’t a clou of it…
My problem is, that Audacity make the sound sometimes lower, if they are low…

I’m not sure where you got that idea, but Audacity doesn’t do that unless you have the input volume turned down in Audacity.

Also remember to make sure your OS’s output volume is all the way up.

If the volume is up in Audacity and your OS’s volume is up and it still doesn’t work, then let us know more about how you have things set up. Not knowing anything about your computer makes it difficult to help any more.