A2.2.1 Win10: "Amplifiy" Validation error

Audacity 2.2.1 on Windows 10. If I select a near-silent segment (just low-level noise around -80 dB) and do Effect/Amplify, I get
“Validation error : Value not in range: -130.767 to -30.767”

Amplify would always work on signals of any level in the older version I used until today (I think it was 2.0.4). This problem only occurs on very quiet signals. “Normalize” does work, however.

I liked “Amplify” because it would tell me how many dB down the signal was. I have since discovered “ACX Check” which provides even more data, but I think the Amplify effect should be fixed.

I cannot reproduce this on W10 even with incredibly low signal levels throughout.

The only way I can get a wobbly is to have a track or selection of pure silence and try to amplify that - for which I need to check the Allow clipping.

What I get then is the error message: Validation Error: Value Overflow

Now that may well be accurate - but it certainly isn’t very informative to your average user - I would expevct something like Can’t Amplify Silence.

If you can Export some small sample of your low signal level that fails with the error you report, as a WAV file anp post it here - then I can try testing that on my machines (I have a Macbook Pro as well for QA testing)


Possibly because you are using the current development code, or you just happen to have selected audio that has a peak level that rounds the right way.

This was a bug that appeared a couple of years ago due to improved input validation. It was fixed soon after it was noticed, but then broke again and no-one noticed until Peter spotted the problem last August. I fixed it again earlier this month (bug 963), so it will be fixed in the next release.