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I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to extract a track temporary and put it into another wave editor like Goldwave? In Sonar or Reaper I can take a track and put it into Goldwave to add other FX, that are not included or more simple to handle. It could be good for fast editing of a track, without opening several Audacity Windows, E. G. fast inserting of more files after another. Alternatively:

  2. How can I as a blind user import a file on specific time? When I set the play cursor to a point with Shift+A and execute import file, it is at the beginning of my project, but not on my play cursor. How can I do that?

Thanks alloot. Alex

Hi, Alex.

No, Audacity does not have a simple feature to send a temporary audio file to an external editor. All you can do is File > Export Audio… as WAV, edit and save in Goldwave, then import the new file into Audacity.

What effects are you looking for? Audacity can support several popular plug-in formats and there is a good library of Nyquist Plug-ins .

Make sure the imported track is selected. Hit ENTER if it is not selected. Then use Tracks > Align Tracks > Start to Cursor/Selection Start.