A tough audio effect question - please help !

Hi, I recently was listening to a mix by DJ Lhasa, and there was this interesting effect in it which I have come across in other mixes/on the radio as well. It’s hard to explain, but it’s as if what the person is about to say is previewed a bit earlier by one steady pitch that blends into the word they say a little bit later. I know this is probably very confusing, so here are a few examples of what I mean (just a note, it’s a techno mix, so don’t put the speakers too loud :stuck_out_tongue: ): Download voice effect examples. Would such an effect be possible in Audacity? If so, what would be the best way to approach it?

Any suggestions would really help !


Those examples seem to be using a whole rack-full of effects rather than any single effect.

The best thing is probably to start playing with Audacity, install and try out loads of effects and generally mess about with mashing up the sounds, cross fading, filtering, etc. and see what it can do.

An interesting “morphing” type effect can be done using the vocoder effect - overlap a voice track with a synth track, make a copy of the overlapping portions of each track, and use the vocoder effect on these copies, then cross fade the original tracks and mix in a bit of the vocoder track across the join.

Have fun :smiley:

Thanks for the quick response. I’m just wondering, where can I get this vocoder plugin?

Record your sound, put about 4 or 5 seconds of silence at the beginning, reverse the sound, use Gverb with these settings:

Roomsize: 40 m²
Reverb time: 20 s
Damping: 0.50
Input bandwidth: 0.75
Dry signal level: 0 dB
Early reflection level: -10 dB
Tail level: -30 dB

Then reverse the sound again. Now you have the effect you were wanting. If it’s not to the exact length and/or way you wanted it, play around with the Gverb settings.

I think it’s in one of these: http://audacityteam.org/download/plugins

awesome, thanks everyone, i will try it out :slight_smile: