A text editor


I do a lot of voice transcriptions and end up writing the transcriptions in 'Label" . This is not the best way to do this as “Label” doesn’t keep things lined up well. Nor can I get it to output to a text file.

Would it be possible to get some kind of an editor that would take the place of 'Label"? I get very short sections of voice that can take up pages and other sections that don’t. Also different speakers need to somehow be delineated. I was thinking that the easiest way would be to have 'Label", or a text editor, be able to use several different colors for text that would be readily at hand. Each sound section “grayed out” could go to a different page.

Thank You.

If you Export your label track (File > Export Labels), Audacity creates a text file containing each label’s text and its position on the timeline.

The rest of what you want can be done in your text editor.


Thanks PO’L,

That didn’t occur to me. Will try it.