A survey about your Audio editing usage

Hello everyone,

I am a professional developer currently studying UX/UI design (User Experience and User Interface). I am doing research about audio editors user interfaces: I would like to see what could be done differently, in order to increase usability.

I would like to have your opinion, users of Audacity, about this topic.
Audacity, is one of the most used in the world, and the free and open-source reference in the domain, which makes it in a category of its own.

Here is the link to the Google Forms survey: https://forms.gle/UVKE7zsKw6vMJg2P9

Thank you for your time!

Disclaimer from the Audacity team: The survey advertised in this topic is from a 3rd party (npigrounet) and is not endorsed by the Audacity team.

Note to npigrounet:
Audacity is a community project. It could be beneficial for the Audacity team, and Audacity users, if you publish your results here when your survey is complete.

How exactly will this info be used?

Hi there, I did not see the questions from the survey but in general having a survey to ask for users opinions and perceptions on the application, IMHO, is a really good thing and opens the door to a two way communication between the project and the users. Which is super benefitial.

This is my personal opinion.

Thank you!

Yes, I agree that having access to the results of the survey could be valuable for the audacity team (even though I cannot say in their behalf. I am just a volunteer).

Thank you!