A specific SFX does not playback on phones, but does on computers

Windows 10


So there is a specific sfx I pulled from freesound.org

Works in audacity, it works exported (.mp3) and played on my computer

The sound is entirely absent when the same file is played on phones

This is consistent with the file played from my phone OR the file played off of my website. Works on desktops, not on phones

Any idea why this is?



Stereo? Two blue waves?

You can get “magic” shows if the Left and Right portions are out of step with each other. When one wave goes up, the companion wave goes down. This can cause the show to cancel under the right circumstances.

Open the show in Audacity. Use the left-hand drop-down menu and Split Stereo Track. Select one of the tracks with the SELECT button and Effect > Invert. Select the top track > Same menu system > Make Stereo Track.

Does the problem go away?

I’m making a bunch of assumptions. Stop me anywhere.


Mark the supplier of sounds as possibly supplying damaged work.


Some phones only have one loudspeaker: converting everything to mono.
Like Koz said, that can cause cancellation of some/all of the show via destructive-interference …


ahh I think thats it - thank you so much!