A small problem

I tried to combine segments of an audio file into a smaller one by using the cut and paste functions. However, when I merged the two segments (pasted the second near the first with no gaps and no over overlays) an annoying sound (like a pulse) appeared, and I can’t get rid of it. I have tried silencing, clipping, fading in fading out, but to no avail. If you download the wav sample, it is located at appx. 2’'.

The archive is split into two zip files :samples.zip, and samples1.zip. Please mind that samples1.zip must be renamed to samples.z01 - it is a part of the samples.zip file - in order to extract the file.

I would appreciate your help in this small problem. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:
samples1.zip (175 KB)
samples.zip (171 KB)

Despite its name, the “Amplifier” effect can be used to decrease the volume of sound, by using negative values.
Select the spike you want rid of and apply **-**50dB amplification, this will reduce its amplitude.
A repeat application of **-**50dB amplification may be required to reduce the spike to zero, (i.e. inaudible).

Also Audacity has a “Click removal” tool which may be of use to you …
To get to it in Audacity 1.3. click* on “Effects”, “Utility”, “Noise Removal”, “Click Removal”.

[* No pun intened]

I’ve tried to use “click removal” as well as the other tools, but the problem still persists. I also noticed that whenever Audacity stops after playing a section of the audio, the same annoying sound is heard (like the one at the 0:02). This has made the isolation of the spike very difficult. Is there any faster way to determine the exact spike at which this sound occurs? Is there also any way to slow down the tempo of the player? (I’ve tried the ‘Change tempo’ tool, but it isn’t very helpful).