A section of audio stopped working

So I’m currently working on something I recorded yesterday.
While editing it a certain section stopped working for some reason.
It worked for a while then just stopped working.
The audio is there in the track but nothing plays.
I thought this may have been a problem with my speaker but the rest of the project works fine.

I’d just re-record the section but it dont have the time. Please help :frowning:

What do you mean by “a section”? Do you mean it’s playing for 1 minute, then it goes silent for 1 minute, then the sound comes back?

The audio is there in the track but nothing plays

What does that mean? Can you see the waveform?

Sorry I’m not very technical with this kind of stuff.
But yes the clip itself is 6 minutes and at about 4:30 the audio cuts out for 15 seconds and then continues on normally.
The waveform is there as if it would play normally like the rest of the recording but no sound comes out for those 15 seconds.
I’d say it was a problem with when I recorded it but as I said it played a few times then just suddenly stopped working.

Try applying any effect to the part that does not play. Does the waveform disappear?
If the waveform does not disappear, you can use Ctrl+Z to undo.
If the waveform does disappear, it means that the audio data for that part of the waveform is missing or corrupt.