a question about ampltflying and normalizing

i have no idea about these 2 options normalizing and amplifing…i tried to read the manuel but it gets very complicated least to me…im recording cassette tapes now.how do
they figure into program?and what about 78s lps and 45s.when i had nero i never used these 2 options…just the declicker and noise redustion options…


Sort out any unwanted pops and clicks before using Amplify or Normalize. Then see here in the Audacity wiki http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Amplify_and_Normalize

hi steve

u can use these option to elimimate pops and clicks on a cassette tapes?these tapes were already edited by a friend of mine who made them 4 me as a favoe to me.he edited them before putting them on cassette tape?can u re edit something that has already been edited?thanks…


The cassette tape will be lower quality sound than the original (due to the limitations of cassette recording), but other than that there is no reason why you cannot record a cassette tape with Audacity and edit it.

ok thanks steve…


DeClicker is amazing for audiobook recording.

The stock settings removed hundreds of clicks in my files, and many other mouth sounds too.

With no effect at all on voice quality or any other settings required for ACX standards.


Now if I could have back the 50 hours I spent removing clicks manually… please?

Is there a plugin for that?