a question about a karaoke!!!

hello and good morning everybody. well my question is: a have a karaoke ( just the music ) and everything is ok but in the middle of the song the guitar solo is too low so I would like to know if is possible to rise the guitar sound and how come. thanks a lot for your help and have a nice week.
Edgardo. :slight_smile:

p.s. I have windows 7 home premium and audacity 2.0.5

You can try using the [u]Envelope Tool[/u] to fade the volume up and then down again at the end of the solo. But if there are drums or other instruments, those will get boosted too and they might get boosted into distortion.

This sounds like it might be a “homemade” Karaoke track, where someone used a center-channel vocal-remover. This vocal removal “trick” removes everything in the center (although you can sometimes keep the bass frequencies).

hola amigo DVDdoug good afternoon and thank you very much for your answer. I was thinking just to rise the sound of the guitar solo and not touch the rest of the instruments because in this part there are drums, bass and brass. I am gonna try with the envelope tool and see what happen. thanks again and have an nice week.
Edgardo :slight_smile:

You can Do this using either of the two methods
1.) Envelope tool
2.) Amplify effect.

Method 1:)
Here is How you use Envelope tool

Steps :
Import your Karaoke audio
Find The Time of which guitar sounds are there starting and end point
Click on Envelope tool button ( Just on the right side of Selection tool )
let say starting point is 4.01 minute and ending point is 4.10 minute of Guitar
Click on Time Unit ( Just above the point of waves) on 4.01 and 4.04 and 4.07 and 4.10 using Envelope tool.( It will create 4 white points).
Adjust the volume through adjusting the height of 4 points which you had created on 5th step in DOWNWARDS to low the volume and UPWARDS to increase the volume

Method 2:)
Amplify Effect

1.) Use Selection Tool To Select the Guitar Sounds(Low Volume) from starting to end.
2.) Click On Effect Amplify
3.)Increase the dB of the sound
4.) Tick mark on Allow Clipping and press Ok.

hello amigo satguru59 and thanks a lot for your help. I am gonna follow your indications and I hope to be able to do what I want.
greetings and have a nice week.

You can Do this using either of the two methods
1.) Envelope tool
2.) Amplify effect.

All of these tools work on everything playing. There’s no way to split the instruments apart and only amplify one of them. It’s a frequently asked question.

“I made a live recording at a concert and the Alto Sackbut is too low. How do I increase it?”



hola y good evening. gracias amigo kozikowski to clear everything. anyway my karaoke not sound too bad. thanks again and have a nice week.