a problem with playback

hi gang

ive just started saving tracks from cassette tapes to my computer…i just gor a new soundcard and going in the sound quaility is great then i play them back and it wasnrt
so good…i heard hiss from the playback and it wasnt good all around…any suggestion would be appreciated.also i noticced that thses music files get deleated from my
documents with me nor doing anything,.why would this happen?thanks.


Is this a double post? I swear there is a question just like this one up a ways…

Audacity does not Save sound files. To get an actual sound file, you need to Export one. File > Export As…


hi koz

it happened again…i saved a file to my computer one sub file was the headphones and the other was the aup file.when i went to export it i found it had only that thin line
going down the center where the wave would go…can you tell me why this happens and what can i do about it?its annoying…