A problem with microphone recording (CLOSED)

I have spend all the day to find the answer and failed, would appreciate if someone could help me.
Shortly hardware:
Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC

  • Supports : Jack-detection, Multi-streaming, Front Panel Jack-retasking
  • Absolute Pitch 192kHz/ 24-bit True BD Lossless Sound
  • Optical S/PDIF out port(s) at back panel

Headset GD-750MV
Win 7 Ultimate x64

So I set the options for multi streams:

The problem is - when I record Microphone with audacity it catch output audio along with it (same goes with build-in windows recorder and GoldWave).

When there is output sound the system does detect output sound:

and doesn’t detect the input from microphone (if not talking obvious):

as you can see stereo mix is turned off (also it is set to 0% and muted).
In the output options microphone is muted also so that I don’t hear myself:

And now the main trick with all it:

Fraps can record both (as set above), or any of those (aka only microphone or only output sound).

Now what I want to achieve:
Fraps record video+output sound.
Audacity record only microphone.
So that I got 2 different audio tracks to work with.

What I get:
Fraps record video+output sound.
Audacity record microphone+output sound.

Any ideas? Thx in advance.

I don’t use Fraps, but I don’t understand from your description why you would have it set to record the mic (or why it doesn’t do so when you tell it to).

Maybe also you should mute the rear output device when your headset is plugged in?


In fact my headset is currently in rear output and front is muted, but I did tried to put it in front and mute rear, that doesn’t work either.

Simply with current configuration all recording programs work like with Stereo Mix on, despite the fact that I don’t hear myself.
Yes I’m able to record only microphone using stereo mix (muting the output audio), actually the same I can do without it :laughing: but that wont solve my problem as I do need to record audio output also.

I will also try today to put headset in front, speakers in rear, then using Stereo Mix send the microphone to the rear output and turn off audio there while audio output will be at front headset :astonished: what’s next :smiley:
I do wonder if everything will work fine in that way.

This windows 7…it was so easy to do whatever you want on XP :confused:

Ok so I’ve tried as above and it leads system to go crazy - plug-in and plug-out microphone very 2 sec. Changed all back.

Also I’ve tried Dxtory, this one works perfectly, it also records both audios normally like fraps and even more - it include them in a single *.avi (1 video channel and 2 audio channels), I kinda don’t like the output quality of video, will be sitting with options, then I’ll need to move it to audacity to remove fan, click, etc. sounds, edit a bit and again back :sunglasses:
Still I’d like to record Fraps+Audacity if it is possible :laughing: but it seems like it isn’t, unfortunately.

I would still set Fraps not to record the mic if you have not already tried that. Maybe to record both mic and computer playback it has to mess with the normal audio setup.

If either program can record the mic in one channel and the computer playback in the other, then you can use the Track Drop-Down Menu in Audacity to split left and right then manipulate them separately.


Ok I figure out myself, the problem is somewhere in headset wiring, but it still seems a bit strange to me that some programs recorded it fine oO
Anyway, thx the topic can be closed.