A Plug in has distorted a track?

Hi Folks,
I’m new to digital recording and Audacity so here’s some backgrouind.

I’m making multi track recordings on a Zoom R16 then pulling the tracks onto my PC via USB and Importing the individual Audio tracks into Audacity for editing / processing.

PC 1.9GHz Athlon windows XP and Audacity 1.3 (Beta)

So far this has worked really well.

Yesterday following some browsing through this forum I downloaded some VST plugins.

My Multiband compressor-2003
MyCompressor Win VST 2006
Nyquist Eq 5band Win VST 2004
Sorry these are the folder names.

These all appear to have installed OK.
I now opened an Audacity project I had been working on.

Immediatley I can see a problem.
The drum track, which I have not processed this time around, has square waved and is full of random noise.

To see what other damage has / hasn’t been done I did some work on a vocal track using Ambience and the Audacity Eq and got pretty much what I was wanting to achieve.

I haven’t had chance yet to;
Check any other Projects and see if the same thing happens and if so is it always on the same track.
Take the individual tracks back to the Zoom and see if the track is still garbage.

If anyone has any suggestion I’d be happy to hear them.



Drums are rough for an automatic recorder to deal with. The drum hit is there and gone by the time the auto level set realizes that the sound is way too hot and needs to be managed. You should probably set the auto levelers in the Zoom to Off and use the meters on the front to set levels for drums. You may find that you need to back way up to avoid overload. You might also find that the microphones themselves are overloading. Electret condenser microphones are fine devices until you get the room sound level a little too high, then they turn into trash in a hurry.

Drums are little destructive explosions and it’s really easy to mess them up.

Audacity will not apply an effect until you intentionally do it. Just downloading some plugins should not affect the show at all. I think the drums were pre-distorted.


Hi Kaz,
Thanks for your reply.

I suspect that the problem is neither the plg in nor the drums being distorted. A track with only noise was loaded into Audacity during importing. I’d set the softweare to automatically normalise tracks, so loads of noise.