A Noobish Question?

So I am trying to record games using Shadowplay (it’s easier on my system than OBS)

I am recording my audio via Audacity 2.1.2 but I wanted to do recording of my friends on DIscord, for multiplayer games.

I got voice meeter to set Discord as a channel to record in Audacity but the confusion I have is with Audacity:

Can Audacity record 2 sources at once? At the moment, I can record myself OR Discord.

How can I capture BOTH my mic and Discord audio? Is it possible?

Audacity can only record from one “device” at a time.

I’ve no idea how the other software you are using works, but if it is creating a “virtual device”, then Audacity should be able to record from as many “channels” (streams) as that device makes available.

Dang. Well, thanks.

Can you suggest something I can use to record myself whilst Audacity records my friends on Discord? I can’t find any thing that’s not 1) expensive or 2) The ‘trial’ locks the ability to export.

You must capture both Discord and your mic in Voicemeeter. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6rp9lkiFBU - but that records your voice and computer sound mixed together.

If you want to record Discord and mic on separate left and right channels, you could try the more advanced version of Voicemeeter called Banana. Let us know if you figure that out.