A graphic and an input issue

A couple of newbie questions. I used Audacity on a Mac and on windows Desktop for a long time, but have to install in on a Win 11 laptop (Dell Lattitude 7490) now. Two issues: interface looks fuzzy, as if lacking resolution. It doesn’t seem to affect the waveform, which is what I ultimately need to look at closely.

Second issue is bigger: I record field interviews, normally from a Telegram/Whatsapp messengers. MacBook pro handles both voices (albeit unevenly), but Win11 app - as I discovered much too late into interviewing today - recorded another party weak AND garbled, so amplifying post-recording doesn’t do much. That’s in ‘Microphone Array’ in Recording setup. I suspect choosing ‘Speakers’ would reverse the situation? I tried that, but somehow only manage to freeze the software out of any recording. I tried plugging in my ‘telephone call-centre’ USB headphones/mic combo, again it only takes one input correctly - my mic or the other party on the headphones.

Doesn’t look as if I can do anything to get both parties recorded? I realise this is a very simple way of framing the question, alas I don’t have much tech knowledge of things and will aprreciate advice

Virtual mixer, e.g. https://voicemeeter.com/ (IIRC it has multi-channel recorder built-in)

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