A fluke in the Timer Record?

Win 10, The record timer timed out as usual but the recording did not start. I set the timer the same way I have been for weeks but this time the counter was not counting, nothing being recorded.

The only difference I can find is that I clicked on the vu meter to show the audio levels before setting the timer record option. I stopped the timer. Programmed it again without any audio in the meter, and the recording started as expected.

I cannot try this again to prove it because my 48 hour project is already recording.

Which version of Audacity are you using?

Please post an update when you are able to.

I regularly user Timer Record - both with and without setting the monitoring on and it never fails for me.


I might be able to run a test tomorrow morning between 2am and 3am where one recording stops and the second one restarts.

I grant that this may be a one-time situation but I am happy that I just happened to be there at 3am Saturday to see that it was not recording.