A couple of questions

I’m doing some recording and the waveform is pink and blue, also when zooming in the waveform is very blurred. Is that normal ? If I load something in that’s already on my PC it looks more like the clear blue line I’m used to seeing. Everything sounds OK but later when I’m splitting DJ mixes it would be useful to see things more clearly.

I’d like to have something recording while doing other things on my PC, only coming back to Audacity every few minutes to check where the recording is at and then muting Audacity when I don’t need to hear it so I can do other things. So I enabled software playthrough but turning down the output level of Audacity turns down the main volume output of the PC. Can I not control the Audacity volume output independently ?


I’d like to have something recording while doing other things on my PC

In a word, no. Audacity does not play well with others.

Audio (and video) management is a little odd because there are no gaps or holes. It’s continuous. It’s not like calculating a spreadsheet where nobody can tell if the computer took a breather somewhere in the middle. If anything on the machine soaks up too much time or in any way throws the processing rhythm off, that could be the end of the show.

This just kills people trying to record Skype. Two programs fighting for the sound channels at the same time.

when zooming in the waveform is very blurred.

If you zoom in by changing the screen settings, then yes, everything will get super fuzzy. If you zoom by using the Audacity tools, you can see individual digital sample points clearly.
Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.10.25 PM.png


OK thanks for the tips on using other programs, I’ll just leave things to record and disable software playthrough and keep other PC usage to a minimum.

I posted a screen grab of what the waveform looks like, thats 5mins into an 8min track, if I zoom in as far as it will go I don’t get the neat blue line and dots it’s just a horrible blurry mess. I hope the picture shows OK.

The “horrible blurry mess” is the spectrogram view , “the neat blue line and dots” is the waveform view

The views are changed via this drop-down menu …
click on black triangle to see this drop-down menu.png

Thanks, I didn’t know what was going on.