A command which is gone in Audacity 2.1.1


This is only a quick question: When I tried to press the “C” key to use the Play/Preview cut command in a sound file in Audacity 2.1.1, it didn’t work for me, and even I couldn’t find it in the preferences dialog. Have you removed it from Audacity? Or what’s happening here? Thanks!

I also have just upgraded to Audacity 2.1.1 and have the same problem as detailed in the OP.

The Play Cut Preview option is still shown in Preferences (under the Command section) and was set as usual, to “C”. I have tried changing this shortcut to other key combinations but none of them work either.

Play Cut Preview does work using the CTRL+Green Arrow icon in the Transcription Toolbar but this really slows my editing down after being able to just hit the “C” key to preview a small section of audio.

It’d be really great to get this option working again.



Looks like it is a bug in Audacity 2.1.1.

We are having some communication issues at the moment due to technical problems at Sourceforge (who provide the mailing lists that we use) so I don’t have confirmation of the current status, but it looks like this problem has now been fixed in the development code and will therefore be back when Audacity 2.1.2 is released (scheduled for the end of September).

Should have also noted that I’m running W7 Home Premium 64Bit & used the .exe installer (downloaded 19/7/15)


There is a workaround that you can just press Record for any length and Stop. Then you can use C to Cut Preview in that project window in that Audacity session.

If you open a new project window, or start a new Audacity session, you’ll have to Record and Stop first to use “C”.


Thanks for that info, Gale. That seems to work.



Hi guys,

Please do not be alert anymore; I’ve just discovered that there are some new commands in Audacity 2.1.1 that are very, very useful:

  • Play after selection end (Shift+f8): usefully for scroll playback.
  • Play after selection start (Shift+f6) It’s also useful for scroll playback.
  • Play before selection end (Shift+f7): It’s very useful for loopping.
  • Play before selection start (Shift+f5): It’s useful for the same purpose too.
  • Play before and after selection end (CTRL+Shift+F7): The equivalent for playing the end of the selection with a bit more of audio.
  • Play before and after selection start (CTRL+Shift+F5): This is the same command, but for the start of the selection.

Sorry if I have reported this as a bug without knowing these new commands, and I post it if someone is interested.

Thanks and see you soon!

Not at all, please report something not working any longer, in any case.

It is just fortunate that there is the record workaround and the workaround above for cut preview if you use two shortcuts.


I think those were added by one of our VI (Visually Impaired) developers to aid VI users of Audacity - but yes they can be very useful for sighted users too.

I seem to remember that we updated the shortcuts page in the Manual with those new shortcuts - but I will check when I get some time later.