a burning issue..

im trying to burn some cds from cleaned up 78s in my collection…im using wav files not mp3 files…everytime I try to add a file to the burner I get…“one or more files could not be added to a compliation” BAD FILE FORMAT C|users|lenny|desktop|happy…happy is the title of the song…i have 2 wav file settings and neither allow me to
burn a cd…thay are wav(Microsoft)signed 64 bits pcm and the other is wav(Microsoft)32 bits fleat pcm…what can I do?im on a dell insperion windows 7 64 bits…thanks


Audacity default export file format is WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit, 44100 sample rate, Stereo which happens to be the format of sound on an Audio CD. Was there anything wrong with that?

Which Audacity do you have? The real number. No abbreviations.