A Bit Of Help With An Effect

Hey there everyone. I’m new, yea, and I need a bit of help with a song edit. I will describe the situation in FULL detail, to help it along.

I am not a professional sound designer (well, I am, but I’m not very knowledgeable) and I need help. You see, I’m recording a song, and using a sample from a movie (The Boondock Saints) as the intro. The key of the underscoring of the sample does not match the key of the song, so I’d like to fade the last bit of underscoring from the key it is in to the key I want. Mind you, I basically just played the movie through Quicktime, plugged my laptop into my amplifier, and let Audacity record the result. Same with my guitar.

I need a bit of help, because I don’t know how to fade such an effect. All I can do now is make it an abrupt change, and that’s not at all smooth or what I want. If there is any possible way to do this, please tell me. Thanks SO much!

There is no way to “fade” that effect in Audacity since it doesn’t allow for time-based changes to effects. I’m sure there are other programs that can do it, but I don’t know of any that will do it for free.

Unless you can find a Pitch Bend effect written in Nyquist, but I’m not aware of any. A Pitch Bend is what you’re looking for, it’s a gradual change in pitch instead of an abrupt Pitch Shift.

The other option is to Pitch Shift the whole sample into the key you want. This will probably sound better anyway. Putting a pitch bend at the end of a sample and not making it annoying would be difficult.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with changing keys in a song. Unless you’re playing your guitar over the end of a sample with music, that might be irritating.

Also be aware that this is illegal if you intend to distribute the song unless you’ve been cleared to use the sample. It’s legal for in-home use though.

Thanks for your help! Yea, I am looking for a Pitch Bend, so Ill take a look around.

Also, if I changed the key of the sample, it would be bad, since it’s a movie sample, and the voice would become messed up. Also, yea, I got rights to use the sample, but I’m not NEAR good enough to distribute ANYTHING. :slight_smile:

I do have one more question though: What is Nyquist, and/or how can I find it, seeing as it has the effect I’m looking for?

Nyquist is an audio programming language. Audacity supports it natively. When you find a Nyquist plugin, all you have to do is put the .NY file in Audacity’s plugins folder and start Audacity, it will show up in the Effects menu upon startup.

Unfortunately, searching for Nyquist plugins can be a little annoying since Nyquist shares it’s name with an important digital audio concept so there’s alot of overlap there.

There are Nyquist plugins for Audacity here:

But I can’t find a pitch bend plugin.

Well, no matter, you’ve been a HUGE help. I’ll check some stuff out. Thanks again!

there are some audio plugins that can change a sample’s pitch without changing it’s time length, and vice versa - change a sample’s time length without changing it’s pitch. but the last time i used one of these was on cool edit pro, and it didn’t do very good job- created lots of clicks on the sample. maybe technology has improved since then.
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The problem being that it’s the music behind dialogue changed, and I can’t change that with a pitch plugin without changing the voice, and that’ll make it all weird and stuff.