A Bit Of Help Please

Hi folks
After a Windows update on my laptop I found that my mic, which is connected to my Audiobox ad/da converter does not appear as an input device on my Audacity desktop. I checked Windows Sound settings and the AudioBox is listed as the default input device. Running a troubleshoot tells me that there are no problems with the device. Audiobox is listed however as my default listening device in Audacity. I’ve tried restarting the computer and even reinstalling Audacity, to no avail. Most likely I’m doing something wrong here but I’m not sure what that is. Can you help

Audacity 2.4.2
Windows 10
Presonus Audiobox USB
Audio Technica AT4040 mic

Thanks in advance
Bob H

While you’re in the Windows panels, can you get the Windows bouncing sound meter to work?

You can make a microphone interface vanish in Audacity if you cross Stereo/Mono. I have a Stereo interface that will vanish if I try to record in Mono.

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 10.27.51 AM.png

Ensure that the device is connected and working before you launch Audacity.

Thank you folks. Since my last post, Audacity has decided to recognize my mic. Seems the update made the laptop mic the default. When I made the Audiobox default, Audacity recognized it.

Always a pleasure dealing with you.
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