A big thank you

Before the early part of this year I had done very little voice recording and with the help of Audacity plus the extreme kindness and help from Editors Keys sorting out the problem with a dubious ebay microphone purchase, I recorded 4 CDs of my sisters meditations. The Editors Keys mic has been brilliant and Audacity has been a godsend due to the problems arising out of limited funds, equipment and recording venue, which had to be my sisters front room. We now have 4 CDs currently for sale in local shops around Ramsbottom, Lancs, England so to all who helped me in my early forays a big thank you. It appears that Editors Keys may put a clip of the recording I sent them on their cloud base. It has been a steep learning curve for me but I have loved every second of it.

Thanks for the feedback - the forum elves always like to know when things turn out well - mostly we only get to hear all about the bad stuff :sunglasses: