9997 Invalid sample rate

Hey guys,

I have this really annoying, really strange error that suddenly popped up.
My setup:
Audacity 2.3.0, build of sep 24 2018
Microphone: Devine BM 100
Headphones: Devine Pro 2000
connected through a Behringer U-phoria UM2 to my computer, which runs windows 10.

I have a project that I’ve been working on for quite a while (last edit before this error popped up was 18-2-2020)
The sample rate is (and needs to be) 8000 Hz
I wanted to add a new track to the project, since it’s an automatic messaging project. However, suddenly the error “Error opening recording device. Error code: -9997 Invalid sample rate.” popped up and it wouldn’t record.
Nothing changed in my setup, however the behringer has been disconnected for quite a while, since I wasn’t using it at the time.

What I’ve tried:
Reconnecting the Behringer to any and all various USB ports I have
Uninstalled and re-installed the driver
changing the “host” settings to MME and Windows DirectSound (project originally is in Windows WASAPI)

I’m really getting frustraded… Anyone has a clue?