9997 Error Related to Sample Rate; Unable to Change Sample Rate on Computer

Hello all,

Until about 2:45 today my computer (OS: Windows 10 Home) and its copy of Audacity (2.3.3) were getting along famously. This is no longer the case.

My laptop’s Speaker/Headphone Properties are stuck at a grayed-out 480000 Hz at 16-bit, while the entirety of the project I was recording in was working well at 441000 until 4 hours ago. My Yeti from Blue Microphones can switch between either setting, but changing the sampling rate of the recording overall also changes the pitch and speed of the new recorded material at 480000 HZ, which makes the new material sound bad when heard against the previously recorded material at 4410000.

What is particularly distressing is the fact that the software, laptop, and the microphone were working well together until a couple hours ago, with no obvious change except a hardware error message I got when I tried to use the microphone on a Messenger call at 3PM CST.

I can think of 3 solutions:

  1. change the grayed-out Speaker/Headphone Properties to 441000 to get rid of the 9997 error
  2. learn how to modify the material recorded at the higher sampling rate so that it sounds correct
  3. purchase a new microphone, which seems excessive

Please advise me as to others.


The first thing I’d suggest that you try is rebooting the computer.