6channel How to use same tracked markers for channels 1-4 for 5-6

Running a 6channel mix on the same recorder, I will render 4 of the mics down to a 2channel stereo and track out through audacity, after tracking the file I will go and “save project as” to save all the tracks/cue markers.

Is there a way to load the last 2 channel stereo channels 5/6, all on the same time code, and use the first save project as with all the tracked files for channels 1-4 and use those same tracks/cue markers for channels 5/6 so I dont have to retract the entire file? Thanks.

:question: I assume you are talking about labels. I usually just delete the tracks I am no longer interested in, then File > Save As. You can also File > Export > Export Labels, then Import them into another project.

Thanks for the response, yes after I create all the labels/tracks for each file, and they are saved, I was hoping to use the same labels/track locations for channels 5/6 so I wouldn’t have to retrack the same labels/files/tracks again.

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