64k bitrate export

I am uploading files to a webserver to stream church sermons to web guests to our website. We use a zoom microphone that has a built in MP3 recording that is stereo at a 64k bit stream rate.

After I trim the recording and go to export them as a finished MP3 file the exported stream rate is 128k bit which basically doubles my file size and make them too large for my server which limits my file sizes I can upload.

I downloaded the Lame .dll files for me to export MP3. Do I need another .dll source to support a 64k bit steam rate on my export or is there a way to adjust the exported MP3 file’s stream rate.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


If you’re using a really really really old Audacity, You can change the MP3 export bitrate in Preferences.

If you have a newer Audacity, you can change it during the export in Options.

However. You probably don’t want to do that. Audacity doesn’t edit MP3. It converts the show to a very high quality internal format and then makes a new MP3 when you’re done. When it makes a new one, the compression damage doubles. So you now have a show with 32 quality. No, it doesn’t sound very good.

If you’re doing simple cutting and editing, you would be far better served with one of the pure MP3 editors which don’t cause additional damage.


Scroll down.

If you need complex filtering and effects, then you’re stuck with Audacity tools and the reduction in sound quality.

Never do production in MP3. It’s a great way to kill your show.


OK thanks for the info.