60Hz Hum: Filter(?)

I’m using a Blue Yeti Pro mike with Audacity 2.0.6 under Windows XP. I’m getting a heavy 60Hz hum – what’s the best way to either filter this out or prevent it altogether?

Try different USB computer connections. If you have a USB extender cable, try running the microphone without that.

Climb into your headphones. Plug into the computer headphone socket or wherever your normally monitor.

Set up Audacity for live monitoring. Right-click anywhere in the red recording meters > Start Monitoring. Your voice and the hum should be in your headphones without actually going into record.

Touch any metal part of the microphone and any metal part of the computer case. Does the hum go away? If it does, that’s the Desperation Method.

While it’s humming, move the microphone around and see if you can figure out where its coming from. Monitor? lamp dimmer?

Can you plug your computer into the wall backwards? Most large power supplies will not let you do this, but I you have house wiring problems, that might help. There’s a little gadget with three lights that can tell you if you have house wiring problems. My house had wiring errors inside the wall when I moved in.


You may be able to get one cheaper.

You can barely hear 60Hz hum, but it’s close cousins 120 and 240 are perfectly audible.


Somebody designed a good tool for that. I need to go looking for it.


This is an old posting. See if there’s anything in there.



Prevention is better than cure, but the options for prevention are quite limited when using a USB mic.
Have you tried the mic on a different computer?
Is the mic/computer located close to anything likely to cause 60 Hz hum?
Is the power connector for your computer properly grounded?

Also, note that Windows XP is obsolete and Microsoft are no longer fixing bugs or security vulnerabilities. You should seriously consider upgrading to a safe operating system. If you don’t want to spend money on a new version of Windows, there are many Linux options available for free.