55 min sermon only got. 2 min.

I was out sick on sunday and onenof my media assistants was recording the sermon with audacity. He didnt save file as a project. He exported it but only got 1.6. Mb out of it. Weve already shut the system down is there anythingn we could do.

Unfortunately no. When closing a project, if the project has not been saved there is a warning asking if you want to save the project. If you select to not save the project, the temporary files that contain the audio data are deleted and can not be recovered.

Why was he only able to get 2 min from the file when he exported it.

Hard to say. Perhaps they used “Export Selection” instead of “Export”.
Is there plenty of free disk space on the computer?

For future reference…

If you are recording something critical and there’s no chance for “take 2”, you need a back-up system recording in parallel. Computers are the least reliable electronic devices we own! It helps if you have a computer dedicated to recording & audio, and if the person doing the recording has familiarity with the hardware & software setup. But sooner or later, you’re going to have a problem. …I use computers for audio/video all the time, but aImost never for anything critical, and I do have a problem once in awhile.

As an alternative to a computer and/or as a back-up, you can consider a stand-alone digital recorder, a cassette recorder, a CD or DVD recorder, or even a VHS recorder. Of course none of these things are 100% reliable either, so if’s critical to capture the event you still need a back-up.