50 milliseconds of silence added to Exported mp3, disable?


I am new to this forum, and am using Audacity 2.1.0, on Win 8, I probably got the .exe

My issue is that when I export an Audio file, in this case mp3, about 50 milliseconds of blank space/no sound, gets added to the tracks.

Is there a way for this not to happen?

Thx in advance for any tips !!

[I googled this a bit, but found nothing, and also looked a bit on this board, but nothing, sorry if this question has already been asked …]

That’s normal with MP3. See the [u]LAME FAQ[/u].

There are players that can “work around” it… Search for “gapless MP3”. Or, use a different format.

I strongly recommend downloading from us at Audacity ® | Download for Windows. We always have the current version of Audacity, which is 2.1.3 right now.


Thanks alot. Tried in .ogg and .flac , and it works !!!

Thanks, will update ASAP, missing Leenoox