44kHZ 77 minute audio ends up 827MB; so cant fit on CD!


Used audacity 2.0.3 for first time with latest iMac with 10.8.4 (latest software).

Spent quite some planning and then recording an audio mix of 77 minutes. To fit on a CD.

Then I “exported multiple” (splitting the file into 3) but to my significant astonishment the files both under both AIFF and WAV came in at 825MB. This is of course will not fit in my CD which has space for 700MB (about 79 minutes of music).

I have been using older audio programmes with success (i.e. I could always fit music files up to about 79 minutes) but since I upgraded to new iMac and latest Mac OS these older programmes don’t work. So this is really my first time with audacity and I assume I am doing something very wrong.

I have set the sampling to 44kHZ.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by this noob.


You should be able to ignore the data size for a Music CD. The restriction on those is strictly time.

What happens if you make your playlist and try to burn a CD?

The music on a Music CD is smaller than you think because even though the quality is perfect (no compression) Music CDs do not have a fully qualified file system – also the reason you need a file ripper to get music back from a Music CD. You can’t just dragon drop.