-40db noise

Hi, i do not know where to turn, i am using the last version of Cool Edit Pro, and i recently bought a new windows 7 pc.
When i record, it records a -40db noise, i’ve tried anything i could think off, i totally disabled my internal soundcard, i have connected my extended soundcard to another pc (there i get no noise), i’ve turned all the volumes down to 0, but the noise keeps appearing, the noise is no hum just hiss, it is getting in the way with every recording because the recordings have a metallic sound to them, it’s hard to explain, it sounds like they have been denoised, and i know it has something to do with the -40db hiss.
Only when i mute the extended sound card in windows the -40db is gone.
Note, i had this same problem when i recorded without the extended soundcard, there is something inside the pc that is creating a -40db noise
Anyone got any ideas ?

Is there an Audacity question in there somewhere? I know it doesn’t seem like it, but this is the Audacity help forum.


Noise is an analog problem.

i have connected my extended soundcard to another pc (there i get no noise),

What? You have an external soundcard? The noise only shows-up on one PC?

If it’s a USB powered external soundcard/interface, the noise is probably coming into the soundcard via noisy USB power. You may have to try an “powered” USB hub (a hub with a wall-wart power supply) or a different soundcard that might be less sensitive to noise.

Cool Edit Pro 2 isn’t even Vista compatible, let alone Windows 7.

It took me a while to realize that Cool Edit Pro has been Adobe Audition for many years. That’s a flashback!

I have the same problem. -40db noise even when my sound source is disconnected from the computer. I use Wndows 7. Audacity was installed using the .exe installer and from the get go, before I even started recording there was the -40db noise.PLEASE help if you are able. Thanks. Q.

It’s the “analog side” of your soundcard/soundchip. You need a better soundcard or [u]audio interface[/u].

But, before you buy anything you might want to tell us what your’re trying to record and what you’re trying to do… i.e. Are you digitizing vinyl records, recording yourself singing/talking, recording streaming audio from the Internet???

If you are recording from a microphone, note that audio interfaces are not compatible with “computer mics”. They only work with studio/stage mics.

Of if you are recording from a mic you can use a “studio style” USB mic (AKA a [u]podcast mic[/u]). USB mics essentially have a soundcard (or half a soundcard) built-in so you’re bypassing your existing soundcard (for recording).