4-track/Vinyl Recording: No signal! Please help...

Hello all.

I’m trying to do two things:

  1. Digitize my vinyl (on a Numark USB turntable)

  2. Digitize my 4-track recordings of various musical compositions (using a Tascam plugged through the Numark stereo input).

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong: I’ve done all the troubleshooting and followed all the leads on Audacity sites, but suspect it may be a soundcard issue.

I write to you from an ASUS R1F Series laptop. A musician friend suggested I plugged the Numark USB into my laptop, and my 4-track (monitor aux) into the Numark stereo input. But there’s just no signal in Audacity. I don’t understand why PCs are so difficult to use in an age where any Mac user can make instant music for iTunes.

I’ve also contacted Numark to see if there’s any software from them I might need, but my Device Manager seems to think it has the latest versions of everything.

Please help: I am really struggling with this and just want to get my music out into the world, and also to digitize my friends’ records so that I might return them.



So tell us what happens when you connect just your Numark to the PC (via the USB) and try to record an LP - does that work?

And how are you planning to manage the delivery of 4-channels of audio down a stereo cable into the Numark stereo input? Does yur Tascam have a stero output mixing the signal down to 2 channels?