4 track simultaneous recording with lexicon omega?

I’m trying to get audacity to record 4 simultaneous tracks from the lexicon omega. It seems the usb tracks 1-2 and tracks 3-4 are separated into different devices, as in they show up as two separate sound cards…
Is there anyway to have audacity capture sound from all 4 tracks at the same time?

Bad Lexicon, bad!

My M-Audio card supplies each stereo pair as it’s own source, but it also supplies a source called ‘M-Audio Multi’. If I want more than 2 channels at once, this is the source I need to use. Since your drivers don’t seem to give you that input, I don’t think there’s anything you can do at the moment.

I had no idea the Lexicon drivers weren’t written that way. I’ll have to remember that.

Sadly, Audacity does not support recording from multiple sources at once at the moment. I’d post another request for this feature at the “Adding Features to Audacity” forum.

So you select that .multi input and set the number of channels to 4? (assuming your m-audio is 4 chan)
I also have kind of a .multi option, but the driver is not quite right…

Actually, the M-Audio card has 8 input channels that I can record simultaneously, but yes, that’s how I would do it.

I’m not sure exactly what you need to do, talking to Lexicon would be a good idea if you haven’t already. One thing you may need to be aware of is that ASIO drivers cannot be supported by Audacity (for legal reasons). If the Lexicon is using ASIO drivers, see if there’s a way to use WDM drivers instead. If that fails, hopefully you can poke around in the driver software and change the settings, but I can’t say for sure.