4 second delay? when overdubbing/ Audio Problems

I’m trying to sing a song, and when I sing the first track it works perfectly. It’s clear, loud, doesn’t delay, it’s flawless. But when I go to overdub it for my harmonies and stuff, for the first four seconds won’t record. At all. And then after that four second period, it records but it’s a very weak sound. It’s also skippy. So when overdubbing, it won’t even record for the first 4 seconds, the sound is about half the normal volume, and the recording is very skippy. It turns a phrase like “Hello. How do you do?” into something like “H lo d ou do”

That’s usually a computer that can’t keep up. Overdubbing requires that the computer play at least one track in perfect order and also run the record system to lay down the next track. Two real-time jobs at once is rough for computers to do. There is no time to stop and take a breath. This has never worked, right?



Yes, it has never worked. And if it’s probably the computer’s fault, I could understand that. My computer is the worst. It can lag for just typing, on this forum. So I could see why it would mess up on overdubbing.